Continue good reputation – Export of Deryun industrial cooling machine to the world.


The Asia Pacific region has the largest population, so its industrial development potential is unlimited. Deryun Precision Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of various industrial cooling system related products for a long time. No matter in the product quality, price and after-sales service are widely praised and trusted by customers. At present, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Germany and Poland are the countries to which cloud industrial chillers are sold.

Deryun precision professional production of industrial cooling system equipment, the development of the most in line with market demand products. Today, it not only designates favorite brands for major brands in Taiwan, but also expands to international trade. Looking at the global cooling system equipment market, the cooling equipment is indispensable for tool machines. Therefore, it is estimated that the market share will continue to grow.