Active research and development of high precision industrial cooling machine.


In the early stage of Taiwan’s industrial cooling machine, it was controlled by mechanical switch, and the temperature control was not stable, resulting in large temperature difference, and single operation could not be flexibly used.

With the development of science and technology applied to industry, micro-computer control has gradually replaced mechanical switch control, and the operation is more diversified. Therefore, high-precision temperature control -±0.1℃、±0.05℃、±0.01℃ and so on has been developed. The high-precision cooling function meets the needs of customers. The high-efficiency operation, cost reduction, energy conservation, environmental protection, and diversified business opportunities can improve customer satisfaction.

Deryun not only provides cost-effective products, but also actively researches and develops high-precision coolers and multi-functional products to bring more efficient and high-quality coolers to customers, reduce energy consumption and stabilize equipment, increase the service life of working machines. Professional design and manufacturing can make special designs according to different needs.