Soaking oil cooler

For the working machine and industrial machinery, so that the machinery can give full play to its accuracy, stability and improve product quality. Functions︰ * Stabilize oil temperature to avoid thermal deformation of working machine.


  1. Improve the mechanical operation rate.
  2. Prevent coolant deterioration.
  3. Increase tool life.
  4. Improve machining dimensional precision.
  5. Prevent sticking and blocking of cutting powder.
  6. Immersion design is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Applicable equipment︰

  1. Cutting machine.
  2. Grinding machine.
  3. Deep hole processing machine.
  4. Aerospace cutting machine.
  5. EDM machine.
  6. Laser and other industrial machinery.

Soaking oil cooler Product schematic

Soaking oil cooler Specification